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About Us

Who we are ?

We seek to facilitate the health care procedures of our customers by providing the necessary services to achieve comfort and dignity in access to health care services and requirements.

Therefore, we strive to achieve integration within the health care system and to continuously improve the level of service compared to other levels through a vision for the future to achieve the greatest amount of health.


Our management is ably supported by our Supervisors, Head Nuses, Quality Controllers, Administrative and Office Staff, Caregivers, Babysitters, Physiotherapistts and Company Drivers Our home healthcare staff are mostly licensed nurses recognized in Qatar and their contry of origin, and highly educated and skilled. Guided by our management team, we are commited to provide quality care to our patients. We treat each person as an individual and respect yur social and cultural needs. With our restorative approach we support you to regain as much independence as you can think of us as your helping hand. Al-A'Ella Home & Healthcare has state-of-the-art infrastructure needed provide excellent home healthcare services. We have an Education & Training Room dedicated to provide education and training to our staff inorder to excel in delivering optimum services. The education & Training Room features as an adult and a baby dummy to review basic nursing and care procedures, as a part of the orientation program for new team members. We also have an exhaustive in-house library of books and articles related to healthcare. In addition, we are equiped with cutting-edge infrastructure for physiotherapy services. Our physiotherapists excecute patient-specific rehabilitation strategies with modern equipment, such as muscular ultra-sound and ultraviolet machines.

Our Mission

To be a premium and leading brand in home healthcare services in the Asia Pacific region, recognized by our customers for our holistic approach, providing quality, accessible and comprehensive care.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to become the number one choice when it comes to home healthcare service delivery in the whole of Florida and also to be amongst the top 20home health care service provider in the United States of America within the next 10 years.

The goals of the company :

Provide health care to patients in their homes and enhance their sense of safety and security in the family environment, which supports the psychological side of the patient.
Helping patients recover better from physical, psychological, and social rehabilitation.
Avoid infections that may occur during prolonged periods of hospitalization.
Minimize patients' visits to hospitals and emergency departments to obtain medical service that can be performed at the patient's home.
Contribute to the dissemination of health awareness and guidance to the patient and his / her family through the medical team during service delivery.


We only recruit caregivers that have gone through checks in every aspect that effects consort with the patients. Including various levels of interviews and background checks.


Thers is no bad time to contact us, we are available at your fingertips in case of any difficulty. We offer help 24/7.


Our training programs are intended to build your trust in our caregivers on your health. You will feel comfortable in confiding in us and have a calming experience.


Our organization has professional quality nurses and caregivers. They are hired on their capability to manage patients in the best way possible.


Our company has crossed 6 years of experience in the healthcare field with thousands of satisfied customers.


We are genuine and true to our customers. No person has been left unattended at any point of time. Appointments can be fixed at hour of the day.

Trip Down Our Memory Lane


Established in 2016

AL ELLA was born with 7 people onboard

Expansion in Strength

Grown to be a full-fledged organization with around 100 employees



Improving client base

Improving client base to one hundred thousand


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